A product designer, from Michigan, working in Brooklyn, NY.
Designing Ando, building Jot, and taking pictures. Say hello. ✌🏾

Below you'll find a random collection of ideas, thoughts, prototypes, images, songs, dreams, wishes, gripes, doodles, and anything that might not fall into the aforementioned categories.


Messing around with raphael.js to make a simple animated "wallpaper". I added some mouse-tracking to randomize colors as you mouseover them. Science!


We needed a new loader for Sidecar so I whipped up a few options using CSS animations. I originally envisioned a cascading animation but made a mistake with :nth-selector and ended up with what is shown above. Everyone ended up liking it more than the original so we moved forward. Happy mistakes!


I wanted to make links that were easier to click so I used some margin trickery to give links a larger click area. Science!


Blur a shadow based on your mouse position.


I used to be a speedcuber and wanted a timer that didn't suck. So here's a timer that doesn't suck.

Where's Waldo?

Just messing around with background photos and Javascript.